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Omas Announces New Creative Director

A true veteran of Italian design, Professor Trenti brings with him more than 30 years of experience creating products for top brands, including Visconti, Pininfarina, and Pineider, in the field of fine writing instruments, as well as many other ventures such as furniture and lighting design. His prolific designs have garnered international attention and acclaim, earning him prestigious awards worldwide. Known for the aesthetics and functionality of his creations, Professor Trenti is ideally suited for the writing instrument industry.

"Our collaboration with Professor Trenti is critical to advancing Omas' ideals of respecting the Italian tradition while advancing the brand's identity," said Frank Zhang, CEO of Omas, about the new appointment.

Since its establishment in 1925, Omas has been a leading Italian writing instrument brand. Following a brief hiatus, Omas has returned with a steadfast commitment to preserving the brand's heritage while exploring new materials and designs. The company has recently introduced two models that embody the brand's tradition. With Professor Trenti’s leadership, Omas is poised to revive the popular 360 collection.

As we turn the page to this exciting new chapter, stay tuned for the innovative and breathtaking designs that will once again redefine elegance and function in the world of fine writing. The future of Omas, under the artistry of Professor Trenti, promises to be as inspiring and illustrious as the history that precedes it. Brace for a renaissance of sophistication and a fresh wave of trendsetting craftsmanship that will ignite the passion of writing enthusiasts across the globe.

Patrick Reynolds


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