Handcrafted in Italy since 1925

Since 1930s, Omas has been the pinnacle of Italian writing instrument manufacture.





Being the one of the first manufacturers to introduce vibrant colors into the writing instrument industry, Omas has the highest standard when it comes to selecting materials.

In the past, the use of celluloid provided fountain pen vibrant colors prior to the existence of oil-based acrylic plastic. Celluloid is a flammable cotton-based plastic known for its luxurious feel and appearance.

This material is considered one of the most prestigious materials for fountain pen production. With our promises to use quality materials in every batch we manufacture, celluloid has become our go-to materials in the factory.

In fact, we have hammered out an agreement with The Pen Family, who currently possesses most of the original celluloid materials used by the old time Omas, to exclusively supply us celluloid, colors handpicked by our design team.

Besides celluloid , Omas is constantly exploring new materials made with modern technology.

Inspired by how Mr. Armando Simoni experimented pen making with novel celluloid back then.

Omas also collaborated with different material suppliers from small artisan to big corporations for the most novel and impressive materials.




Omas takes pride in crafting our nibs in-house, adhering to the original Omas standards.

Our nibs, available in 14K Gold, offer a combination of rigidity and flexibility that allow you to write not only in comfort but also in joy.

Indulge in the superior quality of our nibs, handcrafted with precision and adhering to the original Omas standards.

Our partnerships with Nibmeisters worldwide allow us to offer an unparalleled selection of unique nib styles and systems.



Omas stands by every product we produce, ensuring that customers receive the highest quality pens. To further enhance the customer experience, Omas offers a convenient service request system. For every purchase of an Omas pen, collectors can easily file a service claim online through the official website. Omas prioritizes customer’s satisfaction and stands ready to address any inquiries or issues our customers may encounter with their Omas products. 

The Owners’ Club is back!

Armando Simoni Club

The Owners’ Club is back! In the past the owners’ club has been part of the OMAS brand, and we refused to see it go! After our mergers with what has previously known as Armando Simoni Club brand, we have decided that the owners’ club bears the name of Armando Simoni Club. Welcome to the Armando Simoni Club, Omas’s owners’ club!

Now you may wonder why our newly launched Paragon collection has “Armando Simoni Club” engraved on top? That’s right! Because those two pens are pilots for this program.

Through our club program, you can register your Omas product purchased either directly with us or through our trusted retail partners on our website. Being a member, you will be offered exclusive products with desirable and high-end materials and special nib bespoken opportunities.