What are the available nib sizes?

Omas is proud of manufacturing precious material nibs in-house. A typical fountain pen selection at Omas starts with the question of which purpose you would like to use the fountain pen for. Either for daily writing, drawing or signatures. This is best determined via a special writing test at our authorized retailers (hype link to retailer page) or meet us at trunk shows(hype link to trunk show page). Accordingly, we offer a perfectly handcrafted nib by selecting from the three geometrics and different nib widths:

EF, F, M, B

The basic feature is the round tip which is suitable for prolonged writing sessions, especially for fountain pen beginners and left-handers.

More options will be available soon.

How could I identify the nib size?

The engraved letter on the nib left shoulder typically indicates the nib size, such as F for fine, M for medium, B for Broad. 

Products services

We offer a variety of services for our products. Contact service@omasofficial.com or submit an online service request form with purchase receipt. We will determine the best way to service your product. For more product care information, please visit product care.  

Warranty coverage

A standard Omas international warranty covers fine writing instruments and accessories purchased from Omas or authorized retailers for any manufacturing default for two years. Any new-in-old stock products are not eligible for warranty.