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Omas Announces New Creative Director

Omas is proud to officially announce the appointment of Professor Luigi Trenti as its new Creative Director.

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The Resurrection of OMAS: A Message from Our President

Dear Pen Community,  My name is Frank Zhang, the newly appointed President of OMAS. Many of you might know me from my previous position as the CEO of Nahvalur/Narwhalpens.  I...

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Armando Simoni Club

The Owners’ Club is back! In the past the owners’ club has been part of the OMAS brand, and we refused to see it go! After our mergers with what has previously known as Armando Simoni Club brand, we have decided that the owners’ club bears the name of Armando Simoni Club. Welcome to the Armando Simoni Club, Omas’s owners’ club!

Now you may wonder why our newly launched Paragon collection has “Armando Simoni Club” engraved on top? That’s right! Because those two pens are pilots for this program.

Through our club program, you can register your Omas product purchased either directly with us or through our trusted retail partners on our website. Being a member, you will be offered exclusive products with desirable and high-end materials and special nib bespoken opportunities.