Essential Product Care Tips

Preserve and Protect

Preserve and protect the longevity of your pen with our essential care tips provided below, empowering you to maintain their pristine condition and extend their lifespan.


Omas recommends that you carry out a thorough cleaning process for your fountain pen every three months or before you put the fountain pen in storage. 

Please prepare two containers with clean water. Fill your Omas pen from one container and empty out the pen into another container. Repeat this process for at least five times or until your desired cleaness.

Natural Materials

Your writing instrument is manufactured from distinctive materials, such as precious resin or celluloid, metal, wood, and other precious materials.

To enjoy your Omas writing instrument for a long time, please protect it from any breakage or damage and do not expose it to heat or humidity.

Storage of your Omas

We recommend to keep your Omas writing instrument in a soft pouch for protection. When not using your Omas writing instrument for a longer period of time, we kindly advise to perform the above cleaning process before storage. After a longer storage period, Omas recommends to clean your fountain pen to preserve its pristine condition.

Authenticity Service

We offer an evaluation of originality for all our products. This service is exclusively carried out by our master craftsmanship in our headquarters service center.

Your writing instrument will be carefully inspected by our specialist. In case your product is a genuine Omas we will issue the ” Certificate of Authenticity” as proof of authenticity. The Authenticity evaluation is a chargeable service and requires up to five working days upon receipt in our headquarters service center (excluding customs and shipping). For the submission of your product you contact via

Vintage Omas service

Omas is dedicated to service all writing instruments that bear Omas trademark. Please contact our vintage service department for more information at This is a chargeable service the final cost will be determined by our master pen makers in Italy.

Writing Instrument services

Omas offers a variety of repairs and services. In case your Omas writing instrument was damaged or broken, we are pleased to assist you. You may contact us at We will gladly arrange shipping accommodations to our facility for servicing.