Limited Edition

Limited Edition

A Purple Delight

OMAS Ogiva "Orlando Pen Show 2023"

A new addition to the Ogiva lineage is the "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition, and it's poised to take the fountain pen world by storm.

The OMAS Ogiva "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition pays homage to this grand event by donning the show's signature color – an elegant shade of purple. The deep, regal hue of this pen exudes a sense of sophistication and creativity, making it the perfect companion for any writer or collector attending the Orlando Pen Show.

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 A Golden Gem

OMAS Ogiva "SF Pen Show 2023"

OMAS unveiled a true masterpiece in the form of the Ogiva "San Francisco Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition. This exquisite pen is destined to be the crowning jewel of any writing instrument collection.

As with all things of beauty, only 23 OMAS Ogiva "San Francisco Pen Show 2023" Limited Editions are produced. For those attending the San Francisco Pen Show, this is your chance to commemorate the event and own a writing instrument that embodies the spirit of this grand gathering. And even if you can't be there in person, you can still own this remarkable pen and be part of the celebration.

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Israel's Milestone

Omas Ogiva Israel 75th

Celebrate Israel's 75th anniversary with the Omas Ogiva Israel 75th Anniversary pen. Handmade in Naples Italy with 18k Omas nibs stamped with 75, each pen is individually marked with serial numbers out of 75 and fitted with an ink reservoir piston filler for writing convenience.

Blue celluloid materials feature a ring design with the wording 1948-2023 and white David star, hand-filled with white and blue enamel. Available in the US only. Perfect for remembering this special occasion.

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Timeless Elegance

OMAS Ogiva "222"

The OMAS Ogiva "222" Limited Edition offers a timeless writing experience. Featuring Blue Saffron from original Omas stock, only 222 pieces have been crafted to commemorate February 22nd 2022.

Handmade in Naples Italy, each pen is fitted with an 18k Omas nib and individually marked with serial numbers out of 222. It also comes with a piston filler and separate ink reservoir for an even smoother writing experience. Celebrate OMAS' revival with this unique and memorable writing instrument.

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