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OMAS Ogiva "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition: A Purple Delight!

A new addition to the Ogiva lineage is the "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition, and it's poised to take the fountain pen world by storm.

A Tribute to Orlando Pen Show

In the realm of fountain pen enthusiasts, the Orlando Pen Show is a legendary event that draws aficionados from far and wide. It's a celebration of all things related to fine writing instruments, where individuals come together to share their passion and appreciation for the art of writing.

The OMAS Ogiva "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition pays homage to this grand event by donning the show's signature color – an elegant shade of purple. The deep, regal hue of this pen exudes a sense of sophistication and creativity, making it the perfect companion for any writer or collector attending the Orlando Pen Show.

Limited Quantities

As with all great things, the OMAS Ogiva "Orlando Pen Show 2023" Limited Edition is available in limited quantities. Only a fortunate few will have the chance to own this exquisite piece.

For those attending the Orlando Pen Show, this is your opportunity to commemorate the event and own a writing instrument that's a testament to your passion for the world of fountain pens. And even if you can't make it to the show, this pen can still be yours to cherish and use.


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